Real Estate Developer - Vision


What sprung from that fortunate meeting between Claude Berda and José Cardoso Botelho, apart from a strong empathy, was a company with very clear and converging ideas, as to the best strategy approach to reach the potential that they share. 

Always known for its prime geographic location, mild climate, vast natural beauty and friendly, open and hospitable people, Portugal has in recent decades become famous for being a vibrant and politically stable country with excellent air, road and rail links and enviable levels of security.

An excellent backdrop and set of circumstances, which has attracted a growing expatriated community, who have contributed significantly to the present boom in the real estate market. 

This fortunate yet highly amenable environment, when taking into account the huge environmental and social impact that real estate activity has had on the community, means that it cannot must be viewed as a mere business opportunity. 

An approach that is especially pertinent, in the case of Vanguard Properties, which rapidly became the main player in the market with a portfolio of projects spread around the country, namely in areas with delicate and protected habitats such as Comporta, which confers an added responsibility.  


For all these reasons, and because of the professional ethics followed by its founders, Vanguard Properties has been positioned, from the very start, as a company with a mission to create:

  1. High-quality projects, both from an aesthetic and technical point of view, always developed in an ethically responsible way, that respects the environment and the community in which they are built;
  2. Projects in lovely locations, which take advantage of Portugal’s mild climate and abundance of light;
  3. Innovative projects that meet the expectations of those who invest and live in them, and which at the same time leave a positive mark on the community and its lifestyle;
  4. Projects that by their nature are exclusive, but that are intended to inspire and bring together ideas that contribute to their enrichment and insertion in the local culture, respecting history, and tradition.
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