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Mustra joins with Vanguard Properties to design a clothing line

Vanguard Properties is currently the largest real estate investor in Portugal in the residential area, recognised in the market for the high quality of its products from the point of view of location, architecture and finishes.

Soon, and in line with its luxury position in the market, the brand will also stand out for a range of client support services that it has been implementing, including an after-sales service, concierge and condominium management among others.

As part of this, Vanguard Properties has forged a number of partnerships with Portuguese companies, of which the most recently established was with Mustra, a brand which is seen in the men’s national clothing market as being synonymous with quality, good taste and sophistication.  

So, the company, founded by Veríssimo Mustra, has now joined forces with Vanguard Properties to design and produce the future uniforms of the staff involved in the services provided by the company at its projects, as well as a range of textile merchandising for the brand. 

The first step in what promises to be a partnership with vast potential and which Veríssimo Mustra classifies as a stimulating challenge, will be the creation of a collection made up of pieces of clothing and other accessories inspired by ROM 28, a luxury boat that will be at the service of Vanguard Properties’ clients in the Algarve and at Comporta.

The pieces, which were made exclusively of sustainable textile techniques, will be produced taking into account Vanguard Properties’ policies of environmental and social responsibility. 

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