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Vanguard Properties | Multi-Sensory Identity

Creating, thinking and managing a brand is a huge challenge and when we frame it in the Luxury segment the responsibility increases.

At Vanguard Properties, we believe that the future, or the futures, will belong to those who are able to anticipate. Prepare and contribute today, with actions aimed at supporting and strengthening a distinctive and consistent brand territory.

This has been the common denominator in projects promoted by Vanguard Properties, but the desire to touch and thrill has taken us further, has led us to innovate in a traditionally conservative universe and establish a new sensory territory for the brand, broadening connections with the various audiences and creating new emotional links with the market.

The ambition to ensure that each Vanguard Properties project is unique, with a distinctive signature and a commitment to a future of excellence, has led us today to proudly present the new multi-sensory identity with its olfactory and auditory expressions.

If we want to be unique, it is essential that we think differently and innovate in the way we present ourselves and territorialize our identity.

We want to tell who we are, also through these  olfactory and auditory compositions. We want them to touch, to thrill, to awaken confidence, to make them dream and to tuck us in... to keep us in their memories, to always recognize us!

We invited Lourenço Lucena, Perfume Composer and the only Portuguese member of Société Française des Parfumeurs, to help us tell the history of Vanguard Properties.

Vanguard Eau de Parfum pour ambiances exclusives | An urban scent with field influence and salt flavour


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This is a perfume with a special history. The history of Vanguard Properties that today is actively on three distinct geographical fronts, Lisbon, Comporta and Algarve.

For this reason, the perfume that characterizes us is a composition of 3 distinct perfumes that were previously created with inspiration in each of these territories and that only after their completion were they recomposed into a single formula. Like Vanguard Properties.

Created by Lourenço Lucena, a Paris-based perfume composer and member of the Société Française des Parfumeurs, Vanguard Eau de Parfum pour ambiances exclusives is an urban, magnetic and sophisticated composition featuring citrus notes of lemon, orange and bergamot, the joyful basil of a Lisbon that seeks to maintain genuine and authentic together with the fig of the vegetable gardens and small gardens of our unique city. Sophistication reveals a true, honest leather note balanced with notes of black tea and comforting Earl Gray, like a warm tea on a cold winter day.

Little by little, other aromas and places are revealed, such as country flowers, pine, woody notes and aromatic herbs such as rosemary and lavender in an evocation of the Comporta, this closely guarded secret treasure that will now be revealed by Vanguard, little by little, while later the sea. The sea that leads from Comporta to the Algarve, with harmoniously harmonized aquatic notes with white flowers with special emphasis on Peonia and a vanilla that surrounds and seduces us.

VANGUARD Eau de Parfum pour ambiances exclusives is an exclusive perfume for Vanguard clients and partners, but it will also be present in all the brand's spaces, such as sales stands and promotional actions. At the same time, and as the real estate projects are being completed, all entrances to buildings and projects will have this perfume as a welcome and, above all, as a way to identify a Vanguard Properties project.

VANGUARD Unique melody

From the sound of the works to a timeless musical composition

The desire to contribute to a unique brand led to an exhaustive research of the sounds that today are the reality of Vanguard Properties, mostly works, construction, making new and good. For men who are eternally anonymous and who, after the work is completed, will follow their ways and leave to the enjoyment of others what they have built with pride and dedication. And if a brand has to be unique and genuine, we have to start the auditory journey here, the moment it all begins.

For this reason, we wandered equipped with microphones for the various works of Lisbon, Castilho 203, A'Tower and Tomás Ribeiro, where the sounds of the city mingle with the sound of the machines and men that give life to the concrete. From there we headed for Comporta, we felt the damp soil in our hands, the sound of gravel and concrete and the sound of the breeze through the pines, while in the background, on the huge beach, the horses tread the sand with vigour and determination. And the sea. The sea that was coming and going, without any interruption, at a magnetic and special pace, took us to the Algarve where the dynamics and intensity of the works did not dissipate. The various works in the open air, under a radiant sun, acquire other sounds and resonances, in a noisy but harmonious symphony, while on the beach the seagulls on land rest from the long flights over the sea.

The unique noises and single sounds captured at the various sites of Vanguard Properties, led to the creation of a melody that portrays the brand and ambition of this group, unleashing with harmony, sophistication and contemporaneity a diverse and complex identity. Developed by The Sensorialists, in partnership with BLUG.

This is the first layer of Vanguard Properties' auditory identity, since each project will have its own soundtrack, considering its positioning, location and the sounds captured throughout the construction works.

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