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Vanguard Properties presents Vanguardeagle’s new corporate image

Vanguard Properties presents the new corporate image of Vanguardeagle – its asset management company – with the launch of the website

Maintaining the common denominator of the “Vanguard” brand – present in the real estate development company and in its asset management company – the new corporate image offers a modernist design, in differentiating colours and style, with the aim of conveying its core values: innovation capacity, competence and professionalism.

According to José Cardoso Botelho, Vanguard Properties’ Managing Director: “Vanguard Properties has grown considerably these last three years. Today, it is one of the largest real estate developers in Portugal. To manage its portfolio the team at Vanguardeagle had to be expanded, which led to the need to renew the corporate image. We are convinced that in addition to preserving its values, the new image has kept its vanguardist trend while reinforcing the company’s creativity, openness, dynamics and competences, placing it as one of the foremost asset managers in Europe”.

BY – Interactive Brands Agency, part of the WY GROUP, was the agency responsible for creating this new identity and applying it to the various communication supports.


About Vanguard Properties:

Vanguard Properties is one the largest real estate developers in Portugal. It was founded by Claude Berda in association with José Cardoso Botelho, both with relevant experience in the yield and promotion sectors. Vanguard Properties is currently involved in a number of high-end residential and tourist projects in Lisbon, Oeiras, Algarve and Comporta. Vanguard Properties, in partnership with Amorim Luxury, underwrote the purchase and sale agreement of the 1.380 hectares held by Fundo da Herdade da Comporta – FEIIF.

Focusing on innovative platforms and differentiating, high quality investments, this real estate development group performs at every stage of the project from prospecting and selecting investment opportunities to sale of the real estate assets, directly or through partners.

Vanguardeagle, which manages the assets of Vanguard Properties, has a team of over 25 members, devoted exclusively to developing its projects and working with star architectural practices, in particular Saraiva + Associados and ARX Portugal Arquitetos.

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