10/08/2016 | Vanguard Properties purchases Castilho 203


Vanguard Properties purchases Castilho 203

10 AUG 2016

Vanguard Properties signed today the deed of purchase of an exceptional real estate asset, located at Rua Castilho 203, on the corner of Rua Padre António Vieira, 1, in Lisbon.

It is a tower with 14 floors above ground and four underground floors, implanted in a lot with 509 m2 and about 9200 m2 of private gross floor area.

ARX Architects were hired to promote the renovation project, transforming the property into luxury apartments. The complex will be called "Castilho 203" and intends to be the most iconic residential building in Lisbon.

The property was purchased from ESTAMO by means of a public tender. The construction is scheduled to begin in January 2018.