17/03/2018 - Laying the first stone of the Quartier de l'Etang


Claude Berda launches the largest ever real estate project in Geneva

17 MAR 2018

Laying the first stone of the Quartier de l'Etang

The ceremony of laying the foundation stone of the future district of Etang took place on March 16, 2018, in the presence of the authorities and investor, in front of 300 people.

The project is a major bet of Claude Berda, its unique promoter. The latter, along with his partner and friend Jean-Bernard Buchs of the company Bugena, bought all the land to fifteen owners for the neighbourhood to see the light of day.

A challenge of magnitude evoked by Antonio Hodgers. The State Councilor stressed the exceptional nature of the project. Exceptional by its size, its 11 hectares creating a real city in the city. Exceptional also because with its industrial environment, adjoined oil facilities and rail, the place seemed unlikely to be transformed. Exceptional finally because this bet of a man was supported by both the Verniolanes authorities and the Council of State. The latter, with a single private interlocutor, was able to set up a steering group. Thus, the pre-construction procedures, which in Geneva often take up to 10 years, could be accelerated here, allowing, 2-3 years after deposit, the construction site to start.

Yvan Rochat, Mayor of Vernier, spoke about the importance of the project for the city. It transforms the city and develops it while improving the environment. "The pond reconnects, connects the inhabitants, where there were until now only deposits," he said. "Let life be and let evil develop back," he concluded.

Claude Berda, investor, developer of the neighbourhood, spoke about his career, the sale of jeans in the halls of Dauphine University, the possession of 75 stores, the development of AB Productions, now holding a bouquet channel, to his current projects.

He explained his purchase to about fifteen landowners so that the project can see the light of day. He mainly talked about his vision of this city in the city that will be born soon. "A city is a place where we meet, we know each other, we exchange. All while walking on foot, with a marketplace, friends, neighbours. In my design, we must find this in the neighbourhood of the pond. A place where life is good. Jean-Bernard Buchs recalled that the neighbourhood would also have 150,000 commercial square meters, with a clinic and three hotels."