Vanguard Stars

Vanguard Stars is a program that aims to encourage sports, especially among young people, through the organization of several national and international competitions. The initiative will concentrate, in a first phase, on tennis, with the realization of a circuit for the age groups of U10 and U11 (F/M).

The first tournament, Vanguard Challenger 2018, consisted of three tournaments in Lisbon, Porto and Vilamoura and a Masters in Lisbon. The first edition was a huge success, which contributed definitively to the realization of the event in the following year.

The 2019 event raised the bar by promoting a circuit for U10 (F/M) and U11 (F/M) classes, with tournaments in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto and Vilamoura), Spain (Madrid) and France (Paris). The huge adherence of the athletes, and the unanimous positive reactions, led the organization to add two new stages: Lyon and Seville, the first ending not having a place due to the pandemic. Despite the exceptional context in which it took place, Vanguard Stars 2020 still had 585 registrations which demonstrates the success of this unique event, with tournaments in Porto, Lisbon, Vilamoura and Seville. In 2021, we managed to hold tournaments in Lisbon, Porto, Madrid, Vilamoura, Sevilla, and the Masters with over 770 players, the latter with the presence of the world famous Tony Nadal, giving an exclusive conference, attending the gala dinner, and holding a clinic before the start of the Masters matches. 

In 2023, Vanguard Stars was awarded the Maria de Villota - Ciudad de la Raqueta Prize in Madrid as the best sports company for its brilliant contribution to European tennis.

In 2024, the Vanguard Stars circuit will organize tournaments in Madrid, Lisbon, Barcelona, Seville, Porto and Oeiras.

Vanguard Stars is a brand and initiative promoted by Vanguard Properties (VP), one of the largest companies operating on the sector of promotion and management of real estate investment in Portugal.