“Inspired by art, designed for living”

Is the slogan of Vanguard Properties with the commitment of including art in all its real estate projects.

Vanguard Properties’ desire to grace all its projects with an artwork not only shows its commitment but also adds value to the buyers’ investment, enriching their lives and, at the same time, supporting contemporary arts in Portugal. 

This decision regarding the arts, which apart from this one includes other initiatives, is part of a wider sponsorship and social responsibility policy which mirrors the way in the founders of Vanguard Properties see their role in the community.  

Castilho 203 – José Pedro Croft

“The sculpture comprises three panels which cling to this pillar, covered with the same wood used to cover the walls, camouflaged in the architecture, they disappear at first glance. When they open, they reveal mirrors which in a gyrating and revolving movement, reflect part of the outdoor landscape in the interior, shifting portions of the architectural space, creating a distorted perception. They dematerialise the structural pillar. A sculpture that uses the virtual space, of images in movement with cinematic qualities. Without exempting the presence of the spectator, it is an experience that only makes sense like this”.

Castilho 203 - Acão André Cepeda e Miguel Palma

Vanguard Properties challenged the photographer André Cepeda and the plastic artist Miguel Palma to create an artistic project inspired by Edifício Castilho 203, the first project from Vanguard Properties to be completed in Lisbon.

The catalogue brings together a limited series of just 120 unique numbered and signed works that are the result of a blend of the creative ideas from these two contemporary artists who are among the most relevant names on the national landscape. Photographer André Cepeda who has developed a close relationship between the onlooker, the space, its nature, and experiences, interprets the Castilho 203 building in a series of images in a dialogue that have been treated by Miguel Palma using an eclectic approach that characterises his work.

White Shell – Anna Westerlund

“I was asked to create a piece that would represent union of the owners and the whole development, and we created a panel that is inspired by the surrounding colours: the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea. Each owner receives a piece of this panel comprising 55 azulejos tiles and in essence we’re creating a union of this project and everyone here.”  Anna Westerlund