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White Shell - Tourist Resort for Sale

Live by the Sea

The White Shell development is located in the tranquil village of Porches in the Algarve. Originating in the mid-sixteenth century, Porches still bears traces of its Roman occupation and is famous throughout this region for its wine and its pottery. The area around Porches is famous worldwide for its beautiful beaches.

White Shell is a car-free and bike friendly tourist resort with 55 apartments, situated around large green areas and common facilities such as outdoor pool, indoor pool, SPA and a Gym. Certified with the Breeam accreditation, which guarantees environmental sustainability, this is the right place for anyone looking for a villa in the Algarve away from the hustle and bustle of the large tourist agglomerations.

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Tourist Resort
Guaranteed profitability of 4% per year, during 5 years
20 Villas (55 Apartments)
1 - 3 Bedrooms
Car-Free Resort | Bike Friendly
BREEAM accreditation®
Project Partners



GREEN LAB.  |  Environmental Engineering and Sustainability

BREEAM  |  Sustainability Assessment – Rating “Very Good”


ENESCoord.  |  Supervision

BANKINTER  |  Financing Bank (fully repaid in April 2023)

AMAZING EVOLUTION  |  Management of the Touristic Condominium


Work status: Finished


PRÉMIO SIL DO IMOBILIÁRIO 2020 | Winner of Best Real Estate Development in the Tourism Category and Best Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency


PRÉMIO DO IMOBILIÁRIO EXPRESSO/SIC 2022 | Winner of Best Project in the Tourism Category

White Shell - An Ocean of Opportunities

An Eco resort with luxurious Amenities

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Swimming Pools
Tennis Court
Padel Court
Beach Volley Court
Concièrge Services



The White Shell is an eco resort with a contemporary design yet featuring traditional elements of the region. The simplicity of a beach house, but with all the amenities that are expected from an exclusive Algarve Villa. You can enjoy outdoor and indoor swimming pools, multisports fields, paddle-tennis court, spa with gym, reception and concierge services, providing the highest level of comfort, privacy and leisure.

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Fractions and types of Villas for sale in Algarve

Gross Internal Area
WHI_A1_0_A T3 0 132.3m2 20.74m2 73.38m2 1 800 000€ VIEW REQUEST INFO
WHI_A1_0_B T3 0 132.3m2 20.74m2 73.38m2 1 SOLD VIEW REQUEST INFO
WHI_A2_0_C T3 0 132.3m2 20.74m2 73.38m2 1 800 000€ VIEW REQUEST INFO
WHI_A2_0_D T3 0 132.3m2 20.74m2 73.38m2 1 800 000€ VIEW REQUEST INFO
WHI_C1_1_J T2 1 101.52m2 26.44m2 118.17m2 1 SOLD VIEW REQUEST INFO
WHI_C10_0_AJ T2 0 112.3m2 36.7m2 17.29m2 1 600 000€ VIEW REQUEST INFO
WHI_C10_1_AK T2 1 101.52m2 26.44m2 70.57m2 1 675 000€ VIEW REQUEST INFO

The list contains only a sample of what is available and is constantly being updated. Contact us to find out more.










Agosto 2023

What's around White Shell

The closest airport (Faro) is just 40 minutes away

Take a Dive in the Ocean and Relax

White Shell - Real Estate Algarve
Swimming Poo | White Shell
Patio | White Shell

“White Shell has been developed in a quite central leisure neighbourhood, with a touch of exclusivity and family-type home, where environmentally sustainable solutions have been incorporated to allow for the BREEAM accreditation. The accurate selection of interior trims, the surrounding green spaces, the circulation of duty electric vehicles and the high quality of the support infrastructure, will enable a high comfortable stay, a peace of mind in perfect harmony with nature, unmatchable anywhere else."


Eng. Pedro Aguardela Project Director

Details Matter

White Shell is BREEAM certified (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), due to its performance in waste management, materials, water, energy, ecology, transports and others, only possible by adopting above-average measures of sustainability.



White Shell Living Room - Vanguard Properties
White Shell - Vanguard Properties
White Shell - Vanguard Properties
White Shell - Vanguard Properties
White Shell - Vanguard Properties

The Tranquility That Is Missing in Your Life

The White Shell, located in Porches, is a short distance from the best and beautiful beaches in the Algarve. This region, the southernmost in Portugal, is not only famous for its incomparable beaches, but also for the 300 days of sunshine per year. Keeping a rural and popular side, Porches is a village known for maintaining the traditional Algarvian architecture, which makes it a charming and quiet village. The White Shell condominium accompanies this calm and tranquility, allowing a lifestyle without haste and in harmony with nature. All this, inspired by a high environmental sustainability, responsibility and concern.

White Shell - Beach Villas


White Shell,the  4 star tourist resort, consists of 55 accommodation units with 3 different options in terms of its villas.

The concentric architectural arrangement around the central leisure space gives White Shell its distinctive image, enhancing a feeling of community and family that is essential to benefit to the full from the living experience.

The colours of its minimalist, contemporary design, closely linked to the landscape and the region, were inspired by the unique tones of the Algarve soil, reflected in the selection of terracotta floors and walls, and also in the vegetation, which includes typical trees such as almond and carob. The villas were also given a unifying note, creating a more natural and comfortable but simultaneously sophisticated and harmonious interior.

White Shell includes communal heated swimming pools – with poolside bar – a multipurpose games field and a padel court, children’s playground, spa, gym, assorted services, covered car park and concierge services.

The swimming pools are located in the central leisure space and help create a sense of community for the residents, whilst the spacious landscaped areas are conducive to outdoor activities in a Mediterranean lifestyle, recreating a simple and sustainable ecosystem.

White Shell is a mere 400 metres from the beaches of Senhora da Rocha and Praia Nova, and also within easy reach of other magnificent beaches in the region.

Located in the western part of the Algarve, Porches is connected to the main roads (Via do Infante and EN 125), just 40 minutes from Faro International Airport and less than 15 minutes from the main golf courses in the region.


White Shell, a luxury eco resort, has been developed with a strong commitment to sustainability, offering a unique but differentiated space with great environmental quality.

The villas were designed to provide total comfort in terms of heating, acoustics and light, without compromising energy efficiency and economy of resources. The materials were selected on the basis of environmental criteria, reducing the building’s carbon footprint and ensuring the quality of the indoor air.

Water and energy equipment and consumption systems comply with efficiency standards leading to optimised utilisation costs.

Encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of our sustainability measures, provided through outdoors spaces with a predominance of local flora, and roads and accesses encouraging walking and cycling.