Concept and Lifestyle

The mission of Vanguard Properties’ Concept & Lifestyle department, is to create, develop, and ensure that our architecture, design, and lifestyle concept is in line with Vanguard Properties’ market position, values, and goals to enhance the projects and services that it provides.    

More than just a house in which to live, our clients are looking for an experience. Striving towards a modus operandi in which creativity, precision, high expectations and quality are core features. This department undertakes its work in close coordination with the other departments of Vanguard Properties, to create a product that is coherent and in line with the company’s position in the market, drawing whenever necessary on partnerships that reflect and raise the brand’s positiony, and contribute towards its visibility and reputation in the market.  

Location, good access and uninterrupted views, spacious areas, contemporary architecture of an unquestionable quality, which take advantage of the natural surroundings and light, as well as a range of amenities, some  almost unheard of in residential real estate projects in Portugal, show Vanguard Properties’ position in the Portuguese real estate market.

Vanguard Properties’ signature projects go beyond the expected. They add up to a lifestyle product which in every aspect, from architecture to the design of interiors, and the artworks in the communal areas all work together towards the same end: To foster a unique lifestyle and at the same time protect the buyers’ investment.

Outdoor Swimming Pool | Castilho 203