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Education for sustainability

Throughout 2022, Vanguard Properties has organised several initiatives and awareness campaigns on sustainability and climate change with younger people that study in the districts of Grândola and Alcácer do Sal.   Around 1,000 copies of the children's book ‘Jeremias and Sustainable Development’ by author Manuel Collares Pereira, the scientific advisor of Vanguard Properties, have been distributed to date to students in the region to whom he has been giving talks on the importance of sustainability.  It should also be mentioned that these initiatives have also been supported by both local authorities in the districts.

José Cardoso Botelho, CEO of Vanguard Properties said: “We are absolutely committed to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment in this region of the country. It has been with an enormous sense of environmental and social responsibility that we have developed these educational initiatives supported by the local authorities that gave us the opportunity to raise awareness on sustainability issues among school pupils and young people. We will continue to develop every effort and all strategies to promote this topic that is so pertinent for is today and in future, particularly among youngsters. Sustainability is not just about the environment, but also legacy and human relationships”.

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