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Pedro Figueiredo is the International Ambassador of Vanguard Properties.

The professional golf player Pedro Figueiredo, Figgy as he is also known, has signed a sponsorship deal with Vanguard Properties and will now become the International Ambassador for the real estate developer.

Currently the most feted Portuguese golf player, Figgy is the only national player to compete in the European Tour, the most important competition for the sport in Europe, in which he is competing for the third year running.

Figgy also stands out as a junior amateur, having achieved a surprising number of victories in international tournaments, making him a rising star.

He started by joining the national team and later the European team, well before he moved to Los Angeles, where he is part of the UCLA team while he was studying at the famous American west coast university.

After having graduated in economy, Figgy began his professional career. Despite a less than auspicious start from the third division, in just three years, the golf player rose to the European Tour, the top tournament at a European level.

Among Pedro Figueiredo’s most important victories, and while he was still an amateur player, are four international victories, six national championships and three victories in university tournaments; as a professional, Figgy won five victories in the Portugal Professional Tour and a victory in the Challenge Tour in which he has taken part in since 2018.

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