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Study shows consolidation of the Vanguard Properties brand and positive impact on society

As part of its mission to meet stakeholders’ and society’s high expectations, Vanguard Properties has published the "Vanguard Properties - Survey 2024" results. Undertaken in the wake of investments and initiatives regarding social and environmental responsibility, this study consolidates the property developer's commitment to transparency and ongoing improvement.

According to the recently-released data, in comparison to the previous study, all the indicators evaluated demonstrate a significant increase, showing greater recognition of Vanguard Properties’ brand and its work. Such improvement mirrors both the effectiveness of practices, as well as the positive impact the company has had on the community and environment.

In keeping with such positive outcomes, Vanguard Properties is committed to maintaining and developing the initiatives that have helped improve results in the 2024 study. This commitment boosts the company's proactive role in promoting socially responsible practices, underlining its position as a benchmark in the sector.

Lastly, Vanguard Properties would like to thank all those involved for their valuable contribution and reiterates the company’s aim to continue improving through best practices and meeting society's expectations.


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