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The latest issue of "Portico" magazine is full of surprises

Meeting or even exceeding the high expectation created by the first and second issues was the main goal of the latest issue of ‘Portico by Vanguard Properties’ magazine which was launched recently and whose extraordinarily positive impact is already being noticed if the reactions we have been receiving are anything to go by.   

Actually, this third magazine is the culmination of our desire to continue to surprise using a subtle piece of communication, presented  from a uniquely creative and almost artisanal angle which is in line with our position and values.

It should also be noted that the editorial line defined by the magazine’s director, Fernando Caetano, a professional with a wide experience in the area of luxury publications, is based on three precepts that have guided us since the magazine was founded: culture, art and sustainability. With this magazine, which follows our line of creating excellent products with soul and authenticity, our intention is to also contribute towards what should be a national aim: asserting and improving the perception of ‘Brand Portugal’ that we are so proud of. The quality of the graphic design (Silva Designers), the paper, and the content itself discreetly reflects Vanguard’s position of excellence.

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