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Vanguard 5555

Yesterday, the 5th, month 5, at 5 pm and in a year that celebrates 5 years of existence, Vanguard Properties organized an event to inaugurate its new office on the 5th floor. In addition to all the employees, we had the presence of ours partners, customers and Vanguard friends.
At this new office, besides a showroom with mock-ups of Vanguard‘s projects, will be the Commercial Department, Digital Marketing and Concept & Lifestyle work space.
Here are the photos of the best moments of the event.

PMR 0326
PMR 0589
PMR 0301
PMR 0314
PMR 0581
PMR 1056
PMR 0949
PMR 0707
PMR 0954
PMR 0492
PMR 1013
PMR 1068
5th Vanguard Anniversary

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