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Vanguard donate a digital portable x-ray machine

Vanguard Properties Portugal, at the request of Grândola Municipality and in response to an appeal from the Litoral Alentejano Hospital, E.P.E., took the initiative to donate a modern digital portable x-ray machine, intended to serve the local population.

Dr. Luis Matias, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer, said that “the machine in question is suited to our current needs and, in particular, for use during the contingency of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

The order was placed on 25 March, and the machine is expected to be delivered in the next ten days.

In this way, Vanguard Properties, the major investor in the region, expresses its support for the local community, in the hope that it will overcome this pandemic with minimum consequences.

We would like to thank Dr. Luis Matias and the team at the Litoral Alentejano Hospital for the commitment they have shown thus far and will continue to show in fighting this pandemic.

Claude Alain Berda, José Cardoso Botelho, Alexandre Berda and the Vanguard Properties team.



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