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Vanguard invests in a Portuguese sustainable construction industrial unit

Vanguard Properties has signed a capital share investment agreement with Black Oak Company, a wood construction company that has an industrial unit in Esposende. As part of this strategic agreement, Black Oak Company has invested 25 million euros, and seeks to expand the factory with a view to duplicating the productive floor space to 20 thousand metres² and increase installed capacity to an annual production of 200 (woodframe) houses and one thousand in cross-laminated timber CLT) (cross-laminated timber).

The Black Oak Company will operate in the market under the brand KŌZŌWOOD (Kōzō = “structure”, in Japanese), in a strategy of rebranding aligned with its position international markets. 

For Vanguard Properties this is a strategic investment which joins innovation and sustainability, changing the real estate paradigm in general, and the building method of houses that are Net Zero Carbon Buildings in particular, means highly energy efficient buildings with a neutral or negative environmental footprint. Through this innovative investment, the real estate developer aims to be in the vanguard of the real estate sector and already has the production of one-thousand sustainable homes for its projects Terras da Comporta and Muda Reserve, work on which is expected to start in the fourth quarter of this year. 

José Cardoso Botelho, CEO of Vanguard Properties, says: “the company has taken a proactive stance that aims to go far and beyond what is required by environmental legislation. Given current challenges, it only makes sense to view real estate projects from the perspective of a sustainable future. On the other hand, focusing on this method of construction will contribute towards the main goal the sustainability of the Terras da Comporta and Muda Reserve projects which means that all the buildings are carbon emission neutral and highly energy efficient (Nearly Zero Energy Building - NZEB). We are really pleased with this operation and with our investment which, safeguarding the unique quality of the products we are developing, will enable us to maintain in the vanguard in the sector”.  

The woodframe and CLT systems have an advantage in using a natural renewable and recyclable material that promotes reforestation, retains carbon dioxide, and does not require the burning of fossil fuels during production. The development of innovative technologies in architecture and engineering now enables structures in wood to be a sustainable solution and competitive today compared to steel, concrete, or brick structures, offering greater resistance to fires and earthquakes, ease of transport and assembly, better weight/durability relationship and greater economy in terms of costs.  

The wooden houses sold by KŌZŌWOOD will also have the advantage of being produced off-site, in a controlled factory environment, fostering a reduction in atmospheric, visual, and environmental pollution. Moreover, these wooden houses ensure greater protection of the natural landscape since they are 85% lighter than buildings in concrete and are therefore less demanding in terms of support structures. 

Also, within the context of sustainability, Vanguard recently signed a protocol with GreenVolt’s Energia Unida to create the largest energy community in Europe at Comporta. 

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