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Vanguard Properties at Millennium Estoril Open 2018

For the first time Vanguard Properties attended this prestigious event as Official Tournament Sponsor. With a space in the VIP area and stateroom for a week, multiple guests had the opportunity to enjoy the tournament and watch the latest news from Vanguard.


We were delighted with the magnificent victory of the Portuguese player, João Sousa, for the first time winner of this fantastic and well organized ATP 250 tournament.


The creativity of Vanguard Properties was visible through the video featured and the “We Play at home” ad published in the tournament magazine, which won the prestigious Davey Awards 2018 gold medal by BY Interactive Brands Agency.


Finally, a very successful activation of Vanguard Stars took place, an initiative aimed at promoting the practice of sport, exclusively supported by Vanguard Properties.

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Jose Cardoso Botelho E Boaventura Dos Santos E Tatyana Bezuklanikova E Paulo Guilherme Min
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