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Vanguard Properties boosts mobility in Comporta with over 1,000 electric bikes from the Portuguese brand EPIKE, and 40km of cycle paths

Today, Vanguard Properties and the Portuguese firm EPIKE BIKES announced a strategic partnership that encourages electric mobility at Vanguard’s developments in the Comporta region.

According to this agreement, EPIKE BIKES will become Vanguard Properties' main partner, supplying over 1,000 electric bicycles to make cycling the preferred means of transport for future employees, partners, tourists and residents at the "Terras da Comporta" and "Muda Reserve" developments, in the Alcácer do Sal and Grândola municipalities.

This partnership will provide sustainable transport within Vanguard Properties developments, adjacent urban areas and beach access points, with Vanguard creating 40 kilometres of cycle and pedestrian paths, at a cost of around €4 million euros. The bikes will have a range of over 60 kilometres, making it possible, for example, to travel from Melides beach to Carvalhal using just electricity, with no greenhouse gas emissions.

EPIKE bikes come equipped with 500W electric motors, with a top speed of 25km/h. For users’ convenience, they can also be folded in just 10 seconds and boast wide wheels for greater comfort and adaptability to different surfaces, not to mention being customised for "Terras da Comporta".

EPIKE BIKES sells EPIKE brand electric bicycles, which offer innovative electric mobility designed to achieve smart mobility, a concept that is based on sustainability and carbon-neutral travel.

For José Cardoso Botelho, CEO of Vanguard Properties, "sustainability is the main focus of the 'Terras da Comporta' and 'Muda Reserve' developments, both of which will be part of a sustainable ecosystem. All the buildings will be made of engineered wood and classified as “net zero carbon”, as well as being part of Europe's largest decentralised energy community, while will be powered by solar energy (PV - photovoltaic). We needed a solution for the electric mobility aspect of our projects and EPIKE BIKES is the ideal partner for those wishing to travel without producing greenhouse gas emissions."

In the "Dunas" and "Torre" developments ("Terras da Comporta"), it will be possible to travel safely between any point and the sports, shopping and leisure areas, which is particularly important for young people.

  • Terras da Comporta and Muda Reserve will have approximately 40 kilometres of cycle and pedestrian paths, at a cost of around 4 million euros.
  • EPIKE electric bikes will be used by future Vanguard Properties employees, partners, tourists and residents of the different developments.
  • With a range of over 60 kilometres, it will be possible to cycle from Melides beach to Carvalhal without emitting greenhouse gases (GHG).
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