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Vanguard received at Esposende Municipal Council

José Cardoso Botelho, CEO of Vanguard Properties met with the mayor of Esposende Municipal Council, António Benjamin Pereira, and council officer António Mano respectively after the real estate developer invested in the borough through its Kōzōwood project.

In a communiqué, the municipality adds that it foresees the number of resulting jobs will reach 100 in the coming years.  It also says that this is a “landmark factory globally” in terms of sustainable construction, with the capacity to manufacture over 1,000 houses per annum which will “be exported from Esposende all over the world”. “With this investment, the Esposende industrial unit will produce structures for the sustainable projects at Comporta and Muda Reserve, ensuring that all the buildings built are carbon neutral in emissions”. Mayor Benjamin Pereira said that the investment is “yet another example of the quality of Esposende’s companies’ network and shows the borough’s ability to attract new investments”.

This was largely down to a “favourable investment policy through tax breaks and municipal incentives provided to investors which are strategic factors to stimulate the local economy”. “Esposende Council, as strategic and stimulatory factors, provides a raft of incentives (exemptions and reductions) to private and institutional investors, aware of the emerging need to provide an investment friendly environment”.

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