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Vanguard Stars 2020 Circuit Program: Porto

VANGUARD STARS 2020 is a tennis circuit for Under10 (M/F) and Under11 (M/F) classes, organized by Vanguard Stars with the sponsoring of Vanguard Properties (VP), with tournaments in Portugal and Spain, promoting an international competition in the younger layers.


After evaluating the possibilities of conducting the circuit, due to the country's current pandemic situation, Vanguard Stars in collaboration with the official entities of each federation and clubs, decided to maintain the tournaments of Oporto, Lisbon, Vilamoura, Seville and the at the end of the year, an international Masters in Portugal.


The new dates planned for the Vanguard Stars Circuit:

1st Tournament - 18th and 19th of July - Oporto
2nd Tournament - 15th and 16th of August - Lisbon
3rd Tournament - 26th and 27th of September - Vilamoura
4th Tournament - 17th and 18th of October - Seville
5th Tournament - 5th and 6th of December - Masters


The tournaments will prioritize the health and safety of everyone, according to the recommendations of the DGS and of the Federação Portuguesa de Ténis.

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