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Exclusivity in each Detail

Vanguard Properties offers a set of services for its most demanding customers. Since every detail tells a story, we seek to help you to tell yours through the full range of services we offer. From Concierge Services, last minute orders, to Home design and maintenance, Upstay offers a premium service to customers with the most demanding profiles. By subscribing this service, you are going to have access to a concierge through whom you can customize your stay to the slightest detail. All this to make your experience unique and memorable.



  • Concierge Services, via an APP and partnership with an established brand
  • Management of Condominiums developed by Vanguard Properties
  • Management of Touristic Condominiums developed by Vanguard Properties
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Cleaning Service
Custom Help
Tailoring Services
Maintenance & Repairing Services

 We believe each detail tells a story. So, there are no good choices without dedication, reflection and good taste. There is in every detail a lot of soul and spirit of the creator. That's because the details tell ... and tell our story.

Concierge Services - Vanguard Properties

Accommodation & Details

Upgrade your stay with our premium services Upstay is a premium service provided to all customers responding to the most demanding profiles. By joining this service, you have access to to a concierge service and you can customize your stay with details that will make your experience memorable.