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5th Issue

Here are the three new covers of the 5th edition of PORTICO by Vanguard Properties. Featuring works by Rui Chafes, Scottie Wilson from the Treger Saint Silvestre Collection and Vasco Célio, the 5th edition gives shape to a wide range of themes that once more, typifies the interdisciplinary character of PORTICO. 




4th Issue

The 4th issue boasts a rich range of themes, from handmade illustrations by 18th-century Portuguese who traveled for the sake of scientific curiosity, to a special photo report on the Algarve's sweets and the different forms they take, to exclusive interviews with notable artists, such as José Pedro Croft, who marks the contemporaneity of the Portuguese art scene in a unique way.

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3rd Issue

Portico" Magazine surprises again.
Match or even exceed the high expectation created in the first and second edition. This was the main objective of the most recent issue of the "Portico by Vanguard Properties" magazine, recently launched and whose extraordinarily positive impact is already being noticed taking into account the reactions we have been receiving.
In fact, this third magazine is the culmination of our desire to continue to surprise through a subtle piece of communication, presented from a unique angle, creative, almost handmade, in line with our positioning and values.

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2nd Issue

Portico" magazine exceeds expectations, once again.

Vanguard Properties recently launched the second issue of the magazine "Portico". After the excellent reception that had the first issue, and because at Vanguard there is nothing we like more than a good challenge, we decided that this second edition should continue to surprise. And considering the comments and compliments made on this issue, the goal was far exceeded.

It should be noted that the three covers (Celeste’s Gardens) specially created by renowned Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos, are an excellent testimony of the relationship that should exist between companies and entities from different sectors, promoting art, culture and, of course, quality.




1st Issue

An impressive architectural feature whose origins have been lost in time, porticos mark an area by a temple or building with a column-supported roof. Generally open on three sides, they were heavily stylised by the Greeks and Romans, for whom they had great symbolic value.

During the Renaissance, the Venetian architect Andrea Palladio revitalised porticos for the modern period and everyday life via his famous villas, whose façades not only incorporated Vitruvian harmony but also much of this element’s primordial significance.

This magazine is a metaphor of the “Palladian” portico, transposed to this century and our own lives. From this Portico, we perceive what’s inside, inviting us to discover the cosmopolitan world of Vanguard Properties. The doors of this Portico are always open, offering everyone a warm welcome. This is a place to share, to make a connection, and to find new perspectives on our surroundings.


Know more about PORTICO here.