Real Estate Developer Portugal

Who we are?

Vanguard Properties is one of Portugal’s largest real estate residential developers. 

Incorporated in 2017, the brand is the result of the association between a European Family Office – run by Claude Berda – with a Portuguese partner – José Cardoso Botelho – combining strong financial capacity with in-depth knowledge of the local market plus vast experience in yield and development assets.

Currently Vanguard Properties is involved in various state of the art residential and tourist development projects in Lisbon, Oeiras, Algarve and Comporta. At this time has investments exceeding 920 million euros for a gross construction area of approximately 880.000 sqm above ground, spread over 18 projects.

Focusing on innovative platforms and differentiated high quality investments, the group is present in all phases of the project from prospecting and detecting investment opportunities to selling real estate assets, ensuring the highest standards of quality and service. Our difference lies in our highly qualified and seasoned team of over 20 members; major investment capability and economic and financial solidity; rapid, flexible decision-making process; the capacity to seek out investment opportunities; a great network of contacts and relations, including in the financial sector.


The Founder

Claude Berda

Claude Berda - Vanguard Properties

Claude Berda, the founder of Vanguard Properties, is the former president of AB Groupe, the leading independent publisher, producer and distributor of audio-visual content in France. Since 2003, this serial entrepreneur has invested in the real estate sector in Switzerland. His holdings include a multi-billion portfolio of yield and development assets, including the Quartier de l'Etang (Geneva), the largest private development in the Swiss Confederation, with over 320.000 sqm, spread over 12 hectares of land. One of the development companies, Urban Project, S.A., manages over 100 promotions in the country.

In October 2015, Claude Berda visited Lisbon and decided to become a real estate developer in Portugal. Soon after, together with José Cardoso Botelho, Vanguard Properties was founded. Claude Berda and Vanguard Properties are currently major players in the real estate investment and development market in Portugal.


I’ve been to various parts of the world and Portugal continues to amaze me. It is a fantastic country because of the quality of life, climate, security and the way people think and live”.

Sr. Claude Berda Tribune de Genève